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Indonesia's 2023 Cup of Excellence

15. March 2024

Get your spoons ready! 

We are delighted to bring you a remarkable cupping featuring winning coffees of Indonesia's 2023 Cup of Excellence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to taste with us some of the country's most outstanding lots before the auction.

Cupping details:
• When: Friday, March 15th @ 11am
• Where: Our offices: Pickhuben 6, 20457 Hamburg
• Reservation: required, offered on a "first come, first served" basis.
• Fee: none.

Spaces are limited—please secure your spot via here.

Workshop: Defects in Coffee & Green Grading

16. February 2024

We are very happy to share with you our very first workshop of the year! But we need to warn you in advance, it's only for the brave and bold. We all have a dark side – also our beloved coffee beans... Get ready and discover them with us with the workshop: Defects in Coffee & Green Grading.

Together with Katharina Gerasch, Head of Education & Training at List + Beisler, we have designed a workshop in which we will explore together how to classify green coffee quality according to SCA standards, how to visually identify defects in green coffee, what causes them, and how they impact the taste in the cup.

Workshop details
• When: Friday, February 16th @ 9:30am - 16pm
• Where: Antagonist Roastery (Hammer Deich 10, 20537 Hamburg)
• Price: 199 EUR (net, per person)
• No experience required

Workshop SOLD OUT.