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Winston Churchill called Uganda the "Pearl of Africa" for its breath-taking natural beauty. Although it is a landlocked country, Uganda has rich sources of water. In the southwest, the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains are even a spring to the Nile river. Verdant mountain ranges, home to some of the last freely roaming Gorillas, can be found in various parts of the country. While cherished for its scenic views, these lands are also home to 85 % of Uganda's population with agriculture as the main source of income. Coffee remains by far the most valued export good and we are happy to introduce you to some of Uganda's finest selections.


Eastern & North West (Onkoro)
1,200 - 2,200 MASL
Aug - Jan
mainly smallholders
4,300,000(860,000 Arabica + 3,440,000 Robusta)
0.5 - 5.5 ha

Uganda is next to Congo one of the two countries Robusta coffee originates from. While Robusta trees grow wild in large parts of the country, Uganda has also become the second largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world. The wide deltas along Lake Victoria together with slight altitudes favor the growth of strong Robusta trees.

Arabica coffee, on the other hand, roughly makes up 20 % of the country's total production. Close to the Kenyan border is Mount Elgon located. About 24 million years ago the liquid flows of lava created this nowadays extinct volcano. With its peak above 3,000 masl and rich volcanic soils, it provides optimal conditions for Arabica cultivation. Arabica coffees from this region are called "Bugisu", pronounced as Bugishu. Blessed by optimal natural conditions, Uganda's Arabica farmers have increasingly started to improve their crops.

The willingness to learn about specialty coffee cultivation is widely spread, accelerating the overall development. Smallholder farmers typically grow their trees intercropped and in shaded environments, automatically applying sustainable practices already. We are looking forward to what to expect next from the coffee country on the rise!

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