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Our story as a premium coffee merchant started in 1901. Since then we have focused our efforts on providing our customers with unique coffees from around the world. But not only the desire for great coffees has been growing: we also sense an increasing curiosity and thirst for coffee knowledge, both locally and globally. Taking this situation into consideration, we decided to team up with Tres Cabezas and to develop our own new coffee training concept. This concept reflects our continuous approach to improve the coffee experience for coffee professionals. Our goal is to make coffee education accessible and approachable for any coffee professional looking to learn, develop or improve skills in specialty coffee.

Whether you already are a coffee professional or on your way of becoming one, through our qualified trainers (true coffee professionals and highly passionate coffee lovers with multiple qualifications) and our SCA Premier Training Campus (certified by the Specialty Coffee Association), we aim to provide the courses needed to achieve your goals. We offer a full range of professional courses ranging from Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills to Latte Art and Brewing Skills, from Roasting to Grinding and from Sensory Skills to Green Coffee Knowledge.

The curriculum counts with our own courses as well as those from the CQI (Q-Grader) and the SCA, to tailor-made classes fitting your exact needs. We are constantly updating our offering to provide you with valuable and up-to-date courses.

Book your courses right now and let us know in case you have some further questions! Premium Coffee Culture since 1901.

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